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About Us

Northwest Medical Rehabilitation (NWMR) has been one of the Inland Northwest’s leaders in Specialty Rehabilitation for the last 15 years. Since 1996 we have offered our patients a comprehensive and individualized approach to rehabilitation. At NWMR our values encourage innovation, quality of care, and a focus on you. As physiatrists, we’re here to help you restore physical function so you can enjoy an improved quality of life. We represent an accomplished team of nerve, muscle, soft tissue and brain expertise, collaborating to treat injury or illness non-surgically. Our focus is on treating the person, not only the disease. Therefore, we adopt a more comprehensive approach that assesses the physical, mental and emotional well-being of our patients. This begins with taking the time to listen to and thoroughly examine our patients before establishing a treatment plan. Understanding that no two patients are alike, we adopt individualized methodology and utilize comprehensive means by which we help you restore optimal function and quality of life. We employ a wide variety of treatment options, and believe that prescription medications are not the only solution for our patients. Our Vision:

  • Provide each patient with an individualized approach.
  • Select the most appropriate treatment with the patient safety in mind.
  • Utilize the most conservative means by which to help the patient restore optimal function and a quality of life.
  • Maintain communication with the patient and other medical providers.
  • Focus on treating the person, not only the disease.
  • Build a treatment program that is customized to the patient’s unique needs.

NWMR providers are members of the Spokane County Medical Society, Washington State Medical Society, American Medical Association, American Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Brain Injury Association of Washington.

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